Sat Nav

Autowave’s Sat Nav Installation Service

Sat navs: convenient, reliable, reasonably priced. Sat navs are a brilliant piece of kit, but the wires need to hidden and you need to have at least one free socket. All these wires look messy and can make them less than perfect for some.

If you find that the wire is getting in your way, or you’ve been on a journey where your sat nav has died right at that crucial roundabout, it may be worth considering getting it fitted by our pros. All of our sat nav fitters have a lot of experience so your new piece of kit will be in good hands.

Hardwire Fitting From £30

If you’re not going to be sharing your device, getting it hardwired into your vehicle can make life so much easier. It costs £30 and means:

  • A constant power supply – no running out of battery at that junction!
  • No wires to get in your way
  • Hidden connector frees up your cigarette lighter for other gadgets
  • Professional installation for a neat and tidy finish

We also supply brand new sat-nav integrated radios which you can upgrade to from a current stock radio or even another custom one that has been fitted previously.

From only £30! Call on 01158377972 or email to book and confirm the price.