Injector Servicing

Fuel injectors that are clean and functioning properly are a key element to getting the best performance and fuel mileage from your diesel & petrol engine. Properly functioning fuel injectors will inject the fuel in an optimal atomized-mist that burns cleanly and gets the most out of the fuel.

Over time, deposits build up in the tips of fuel injectors, typically when there’s fuel left in the injector tips after the engine is shut down, which cooks and turns into deposits that affect the nice, clean spray of the injector.

The Importance Of Cleaning Diesel/Petrol Injectors

In our system we use periodic fuel injector cleaner applications, which clean the injectors through the addition of concentrated detergent packages delivered through the fuel.  One thing to keep in mind, though, is that sometimes the injectors are not dirty, they are worn. And no injector cleaner or fuel additive is going to be able to fix a worn injector. Short of taking the injectors to a mechanic shop for bench testing, how do you know if the injectors are worn? You can try using a chemical cleaner and see if the performance reverts back to the way it’s supposed to.

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