Air-con Regas

On average, an air conditioning system will lose approximately 10% of its refrigerant every year. Recharging the air-con means replacing the old and lost gas with new gas. It is known as an air-con regas.

Manufacturers recommend you service your vehicle air conditioning every two years. Getting this done by the Manufacturers themselves can cost over £150.

Our Air-con service includes:

  • Air-con refrigerant recharge to manufacturers’ recommended levels
  • Sanitization of airways
  • Evacuation of moisture and air from system, plus refrigerant recovery

Our air-con service prices may vary depend on the level of service, make sure to phone first to get a quote from one of our qualified technicians. If your system needs anything repairing, such as leaks and failed components, these are not included in the cost of a service and you’ll need to have these fixed separately.

From only £25! Please call on 01158377972 or email to book and confirm the price.