Airbag Specialists

Here at Autowave, we specialise in resetting your airbag module for half the price of buying a new module.

With the new MOT changes, warning lights on your dashboard will become an MOT failure. Resolving these problems can be very costly especially with Airbag Systems. Often, special order parts are fitted unnecessarily and cannot be returned.  Dealing with a company that has many years of experience can save you time and money.

When a car is involved in a crash and the airbag is deployed, the dealership’s solution is to change the airbag module and fit a new one into the car. At Autowave we will help you save a lot of money by resetting the crash data on the airbag module instead of fitting a whole new one.

This is a completely safe procedure that will also make the airbag light on the instrument panel go off. This airbag light on the dashboard is a signal indicating that something is not right with your airbag module.

Our high-end diagnostic and resetting equipment helps us remove the crash data from your airbag module. So that you can hit the road again safely in no time.

From only £30! Call us today, on 01158377972 or email to book and confirm the price.